Immediate Access  

What is Immediate Access?

Immediate Access was developed in partnership with the bookstore, faculty, and publishers to reduce the overall cost of course materials for our students while also ensuring immediate access to course materials on the first day of classes. Immediate Access programs are rapidly gaining popularity across the higher education industry to combine affordability and ease of access with 21st century educational tools.


2 Mail Goals of Immediate Access

Two Main Goals of Immediate Access:

  • Reduce overall cost of course materials
  • Provide access to products which improve educational outcomes for students. Studies show that students who obtain their course materials immediately perform better than students who forgo or delay purchasing their course materials.

Benefits to Students:

  • Guaranteed lower pricing
  • Deferred student billing directly to the student account
  • Course materials available first day of class with no waiting in lines, or waiting for online purchase to arrive
  • Increased interaction with course content leading to greater success in the course
  • Students spend less but learn more due to efficient study tools and engaging courseware features.
2019-2020 IA Savings

Summer 2022 Classes Using Immediate Access

Click here for a full list of Summer 2022 courses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Immediate Access?

The Immediate Access program is a course materials delivery model rapidly gaining popularity across the higher education industry as a means of improving affordability and ensuring that all students have their required course materials when classes begin. Access is provided to the student electronically before the first day of class and the discounted access cost is billed to their student account after the Add/Drop date.

Q: What is an Interactive or Adaptive Learning Platform?
Interactive Learning Platforms are more than just digital books. They are interactive software platforms developed to provide an enhanced learning experience beyond reading the text. They may include multi-media video, audio presentations, animation, adaptive quizzes, and homework sets which link directly to the related section of text when incorrect answers are given. They also allow for various levels of customization by the instructor, peer-to-peer sharing of notes, and the creation of digital flashcards you can use with smartphone apps. The digital content can also include courseware and/or interactive learning platforms (MyMathLab, Revel, Connect, Mastering, MyStatLab, Sapling, WileyPlus, etc.)

Q: How do I know if my class is a part of the Immediate Access program?
You can check the full list of classes using Immediate Access here. You will also see that your class is using Immediate Access when you Buy/Lookup Course Materials through our website. After selecting your courses and viewing your booklist, if your course material has an author "by Immediate Access", you will not need to add the title to your cart. Instead, you will receive an email prior to the start of class with access instructions, the discounted pricing, and information on opting out.

Q: How much does Immediate Access cost?
The price varies depending upon the course materials chosen by the instructor, but Immediate Access prices are lower than the cost to access the material directly from the publisher.

Q: How will I get my access code?
If your instructor is using Immediate Access you’re already enrolled. You will be notified via email prior to the start of class with access instructions, the discounted pricing, and information on opting out.

Q: How do I pay for my access?
All students enrolled in Immediate Access courses will have their student account billed for the cost of course access after the Add/Drop date for the term.

Q: What does it mean to opt-out?
If you don’t wish to participate in Immediate Access you may opt-out of the program online until the Add/Drop date for the term. The opt-out procedure will be outlined in your emailed information. If you opt-out access to the online content will be turned off. No charge will be issued to your student account. You will be responsible to acquire the course materials elsewhere.

Q: I opted out by mistake and realized that I still need my access. Can I opt back in?
Yes. Until the Add/Drop date you can opt-out and opt-in as much as you like.

Q: I didn’t opt-out, but I did not register my access or use the online platform. Will I still be billed?
Yes. All students who are enrolled in a course using Immediate Access are automatically considered part of the program and are billed following the add/drop date for the term. You must opt-out online prior to the add/drop date for the term or your student account will be charged. There are no refunds for Immediate Access after the deadline date.

Q: I never used the program but did not opt-out. Can I receive a refund?
No. There are no refunds for Immediate Access after the add/drop date for the term.

Q: I dropped the course. Do I still need to opt-out?
Students who drop the course before add/drop date for the term will automatically be opted-out.

If you have additional questions about how Immediate Access works, please email us at